SWEAT | PHphotography specializing in Weddings

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. ~ Colin Powell

I’m a sweat(er).

Always have been.

Part of it is genetics (at least that is what I’d like to blame it on)

The other part is I dive right in and never look back.

Whether it is yard work (and my husband can attest to this) where we have been literally ripping up trees with our bare hands, cutting down thousands and thousands of picker’s (or crickers as the kids like to call them), or just simply raking leaves…I’m drenched with sweat.

Working out ~ I’ve been swimming a lot lately, and yes it is possible to sweat while you are swimming laps.

Or taking photos.  I am literally drenched by the end of a session or a wedding…only further proof that I brought it.

I’ve always been persistent, a fighter, afraid to fail, wanting to challenge myself, adding as many things to my plate as I can possibly juggle and then maybe add a few more.

So tomorrow I get to meet Justin and Mary.  This amazing rockstar photography couple who are going to help me take on more…teach me the ways, help me accomplish what I want to, help me add more things to my plate and help me sweat more.

So today, I will spend the day making my list of questions, struggles and my bHags (big hairy audacious goals…..and most likely sweating while I make my list.

So whoever said girls don’t sweat, they glisten……wasn’t talking about this girl.


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