Take This Job And Shove It | Heidi Hanson Photography

Okay so those of you who have been waiting been anxiously awaiting for me to make my decision from last week’s post Decision Day, wait no longer.  After having really digested what my boss said to me last week. I mean really digested what she said.  She essentially said, hey you’re not good for the position, but no one else is, so I want you to  still work here because there’s work to be done and then when I find the right idiot that can do the work, I will kick you to the curb like a piece of garbage without warning and you will be left to pick up the pieces, and be basically SOL.  Ha!

It is still really hard to fathom someone actually saying something like that to me.  But alas she did say it.  So after being strung along like a puppet for over 5 months, You can take this Job and Shove it!  That’s right my friends, this so-called person who calls herself a boss, will have to kick someone else around, find someone else to do her dirty work, find someone else who isn’t perfect to do her menial tasks, a minion to run her paper pushing so-called development work. Ha!

I bid you adieu

While I do love it here, it isn’t my passion and I don’t deserve to be treated like dirt!

So on to bigger and better things. Thinking Bob Ross right now, and happy little clouds!

On to me things.

On to more time for family and fun things.

So from here on out I will be concentration 100% on my photography business and my wedding planning business

And being my own boss!

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