Last Day | Heidi Hanson Photography

Last Day, wait, I should say the first day! Yes, the first day of the rest of my life! Wow that sounds so cheesy! Well it is, right? The first day of a new adventure, becoming my OWN boss, moving into full time photography (and wedding planning), and rocking it out!  Okay, yes it sounds cheesy.  But I like cheese, really I do, any kind of cheese.  Especially gouda.

So while I’m sitting at my desk, doing very little ‘work’ I’m busy thinking of all the fun things I have planned, writing down all my big ideas, hopes, dreams, wishes, anxieties (of which there are probably way too many), but I am not going to let that stop me.  For too long I have been in the con column (you know the list of pros and cons).  Not today, girlfriend!

Today, I’m rocking it, standing tall and proud at my mere 5’5″, wearing my yoga pants and favorite orange Cape Cod sweatshirt (just to piss off my anti-sweatshirt boss).  With my feet propped up on the desk, enjoying a diet coke.  I am going to enjoy my Last Day, not let anyone stand in my way of this dream that is finally coming true.  And how fitting is it that on this day in 1950, Disney released Cinderella?  Her dreams of meeting Prince Charming came true?  (okay so if you know me you know that my daughter is obsessed with princesses and barbies and them always meeting their price charming) So it only seems fitting that today is the day that my dream starts to come true!

So today, on February 15th this is my last day, I bid you adieu and I am going to leave you with this image of Jaclyn and Rich rocking it out at their wedding. One of my all-time favoritest couples, who inspire me everyday, to be better not just at photography, but at life.


jaclyn and rich married-661

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