Go Big or Go Home

Has always been one of my mottos since as long as I can remember.  Another motto is that I don’t really care much for first impressions, especially of what people think of me.  That may sound harsh but if people don’t like me vs. the clothes I’m wearing, shoes I have on, or the color of my hair, then I don’t really want them in my life anyway.

Again, that may seem really mean, but I’m at the point in my life where things are crazy enough that decisions have to be made where people fit and don’t fit within my life.  And  there’s no room for Judgey McJudgey pants (yep that is from Spongebob I think)!

Many of you know that personally 2013 has not been a good one for the Hanson’s.  Lots of tragedy, family issues and many more problems then we wish for ourselves.  Professionally however,  this has been one of the busiest seasons yet for me and I couldn’t be happier with the way business has been going.

For as long as I can remember, I like to be different, try to do funky things with my hair, wear different clothes, not be a follower.  I’ve always experimented with hair color.  Worst case scenario, it washes out, changes back…no biggie.


So last night I went big, real big.  I went Big Blue!  And I love it!  (Other than my bathtub looking like Grover was murdered) So for everyone out there that is scared to go Big, I encourage you to do so.

Don’t care who stares, just live in the moment.  Life is too short to just sit around and wait and wonder, what if or regret not knowing what would’ve been.

Go Big or Go Home!



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