Shannon & Frankie Married | Weddings by Heidi Hanson Photography

To say that this wedding was one wedding that I was most looking forward to this year, is an gross understatement.  I literally could not wait to photograph Shannon and Frankie’s wedding day.  Maybe it was because when I met them, we instantly clicked. Or was it that we shared an infinity for peacock feathers?  Or was it that we just laughed our asses off at the engagement session when it was two below zero?  One may never know, but this couple is just so special.  They are just so real and fun!

I think I laughed the entire wedding day, my cheeks hurt so much!  Enjoy!Image


Shannon and Frankie Married-27 Shannon and Frankie Married-81 Shannon and Frankie Married-139 Shannon and Frankie Married-172 Shannon and Frankie Married-192Shannon and Frankie Married-251 Shannon and Frankie Married-258 Shannon and Frankie Married-261 Shannon and Frankie Married-306 Shannon and Frankie Married-318 Shannon and Frankie Married-345 Shannon and Frankie Married-383

2 thoughts on “Shannon & Frankie Married | Weddings by Heidi Hanson Photography

  1. Heidi,
    You’re the best!!!
    Amazing pics and you were just every where capturing their special day!!!
    THANKS!!! Mary

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