4 months and 400 MILES | Heidi Hanson Photography

This weekend I drove over 400 miles and loved every mile of it.  Okay well that may be a little minor lie.  I didn’t love the traffic that the lovely George Washington Bridge gave me both outbound and inbound, but other than that it was awesome.  Weekends like this remind me so much of why I love to do what I do.  Take photos of amazing moments in people’s lives.


My first stop was a in Matawan, New Jersey.  A town I literally couldn’t pronounce and had never heard of…but it was the cutest place ever.  I met with this great couple who had just had the cutest baby ever, Sophia. Or as I like to call her a 6 week-old little squeaker.  Her little cries were squeaks.  She was so angelic, very little peeps came out of her, except for squeaks.  Mom had the best outfits chosen, and I couldn’t wait to dive in. It had been a while since I rolled my sleeves up and gotten to see and photograph a newborn.


I forget how many amazing sounds, faces, movements they make.  Their tiny toes, fingers, coos, and sounds…all so breathtaking.  Almost makes you want to have another one….ALMOST!  


Fast forward to yesterday, an engagement session for one of my fun 2014 couples. The swelter of Summer…the sweat I should say.  At the beautiful Wickham Park in Manchester, we trotted around almost all the beautiful gardens, my couple in their gorgeous clothes, and in me in my tank top and shorts, sweating as if in a sauna.  It was so hot, I really think that I was melting, but my couple looked amazing. The heat didn’t phase them, but I was so drenched it looked like I ran a marathon….And boy did it feel like it after walking most of the 250+ acre park via foot! 


Even though I was soaked and sliding on my leather car seats on the drive home, it really made me reflect (as I was stuck in the horrible summer traffic), on how far I have come in such a short time and how far I have to still go.  So here I am nearly 4 months into this full-time adventure, and where am I at you may ask?  Well I’m still loving what I’m doing, still making it work, still making daily/monthly to-do lists (and trying to stick with them) and still having FUN.  400 miles of fun…


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