Who Needs Sleep? |Heidi Hanson Photography

Apparently not me.  That’s right insomnia.  Going on week four now.  Week four of an hour or less of sleep a night.  I feel like a zombie, not like I want to eat flesh kind of zombie, but like how they walk in slow motion with their arms out and drag one foot, that’s how I feel. But on a side note, what do you think flesh tastes like?  Chewy probably, right? Okay gross.

sleepThis is not my first time suffering with insomnia, in fact I’ve never been a great sleeper.  I’ve always been a light sleeper, hence sleeping with a sound machine.  My husband and I usually fight over the volume of the sound.  Right now it is on rain, I like really loud rain, he likes quiet or no rain…but I usually win.

Insomnia sucks, but you eventually get used to it and it becomes your ‘normal.’ I think the most frustrating part is when my husband’s head hits the pillow he is out.  Or he’ll be like, don’t worry just think of a dream you just had and it will help you fall asleep.  Yeah okay, well I don’t ever remember my dreams, so that advice doesn’t work!

I’ve tried every over the counter natural sleep remedy there is, along with Tylenol PM, Advil PM every other PM thing there is….nothing works and you build up an immunity to that stuff pretty quickly.  I don’t like tea and the thought of warm milk makes me want to vomit.

So besides being lethargic, having difficulty making decisions, being moody, irritable and feeling unmotivated – I’ve actually lost weight due to the insomnia!  So that’s a plus right?

So in this insane world of life there is always an upside – plus I will sleep when I’m dead right?

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