Six Months | Heidi Hanson Photography

Wow, has it been six months already since the decision has been made to move into photography full time.  To say it has been hard is an understatement.  But all things worth working towards should not be easy right?  Luckily I have had some amazing support to get me through this time including my husband and my amazing clients.

Unfortunately it has been really difficult six months, especially this last month. There is never guaranteed income, a shoot can be cancelled at any given moment, even weddings that are booked with contracts aren’t set-in stone.  In fact two of of my 2014 couples recently broke up (which makes me sad for them) but also not so great for the business.  Then there were weddings that I was sure couples were going to book based on the amazing emails they sent and the awesome meeting we had, but they chose someone else.  So hard to take.  Makes it even harder to stay positive.

Six months = 182 days, 1/2 a year, enough time to make an impact?  I’m not sure?  Enough time to decide to continue to invest in this venture?  I don’t know?

Then I’ve kind of had two roadblocks as well since June (aka my kids), which has made it even harder for me to network, market and really focus fully on my business.  So I need to stop being so hard on myself and know that in 5 days I will be able to re-focus (hopefully) and go back to thinking big and rebuilding my 2014 year.

So please send me good luck vibes, high fives, whatever you can spare I am hoping to stick it out for another six months and then reevaluate…..and definitely have a new hair color….so tired of this blonde……


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