Well, 2014 started and it is my first full week of the kids having school and me being 100% motivated to kick 2014 in the um, let’s say face! And what do you know….no house phone, no internet!  What???  Of course that happens!  I can’t even use my cell phone because those of you who know where I live, Easton…yes that’s in Connecticut!  It is in the woods, country land and there is one spot on my driveway that I have cell service, and um if you haven’t checked the weather lately, it’s was a a monsoon yesterday and today it is 6 degrees outside…so cross that spot off the list of my productivity places!

So um yea, instead I went grocery shopping, yeah favorite thing ever…NOT.  Except that I have started listening to Pandora with my earbuds to make it more enjoyable and it definitely is (especially without the kids there requesting everything or throwing things in the cart without me knowing).  Only downside is when I start belting out the chorus to some songs while picking out my yogurt – LOL

So I guess today was really an unplugged day when you think about it – literally unplugging the modem, plugging it back in, unplugging it, plugging it back in. Saying a little prayer or two hoping it would turn back on!  Never happening.  So instead of this long list of things I had hoped to accomplish – I bleached the master bath – woo hoo, did some ninja kicks on the cable wires in the basement, created something for dinner in the crockpot…who knows what that will taste like and created a really long to do list for January…….


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