Rebuilding Year | Fairfield Connecticut Wedding Photographer | Heidi Hanson Photography

You know how it is March Madness – I’m sure some of you out there know about this right?  Well right now my brackets are horrific, like literally, really bad. Who knew Duke would go out this early? I am in no means a Duke fan, not that that’s a bad thing, or a good thing, but has anyone even heard of Mercer??  Where are they even from??  Okay I’m not sure, but I always love myself a Cinderella story even if it destroys my brackets!  And this dude right here, didn’t score at all, but man can he dance!

And you don’t even want me to talk about Syracuse and how the Orangement have also destroyed any hopes of me salvaging any hope of a win anywhere else.   Yes, I’m from CT and yes I’m a Huskies fan and how could I even thought to choose the Orangemen to go to the final four…I know hanging my head in shame, but for you sports fans you get it right?

Okay, so you are probably wondering why I am even talking sport right now, right?  Well folks this is my re-building year!  It is my year to refocus what I am good at, what I like to photograph and what I LOVE doing.  That’s right it’s all about ME – LOL and in turn it will be all about you!  So I’m happy to announce that going forward I am going to be just photographing engagements and weddings.  I am going to be rebranding the boudoir photography that I do to a whole different look and new website.  I will continue to do newborn and maternity for my previous couples – so don’t worry.

These are major changes for me, and I am really happy about it. It really leaves me a lot of time to really focus on what I love and what I think my individual strengths are and I really think that this will lead me to being less fragmented and more organized.  I am going to be working on a newly updated website (two actually), rolling out a new logo, new marketing materials and am already networking and looking forward to meeting with some photographers that have already reached out to help!  Very exciting things coming my way during this March madness time!

So here’s hoping everyone else’s brackets aren’t as crazy as mine!



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