Nicole & Mario Married | Private Residence, Branford, CT Photography by Heidi Hanson

I was blown away by Nicole and Mario’s shoreline wedding in Branford, CT.  These two beautiful souls had known each other since middle school, dated for a little while, went their separate ways, found themselves back together again after college and other relationships.   Their love is so evident when they look at each other.  Such a pleasure photographing these tow and their huge bridal party!



Photography by Heidi HansonShoreline Wedding Branford-62Photography by Heidi HansonPhotography by Heidi Hanson

Photography by Heidi Hanson
All eyes on the Flower Girl’s arrival

Shoreline Wedding Branford-25Shoreline Wedding Branford-36Shoreline Wedding Branford-68Shoreline Wedding Branford-69Shoreline Wedding Branford-73Shoreline Wedding Branford-74Shoreline Wedding Sunset Kiss-4



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