Laura and Joe | Milford Yacht Club | Wedding Photography by Heidi Hanson

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Laura and Joe’s wedding day. Their nautical wedding was perfect from the little details, to the venue to their kick-ass band!  They even arrived to their reception via boat!  Lucky me got to ride with them to capture some fun photos!

Enjoy some of my favorites!

Milford Yacht Club-22Milford Yacht Club-4Milford Yacht Club-24Milford Yacht Club-21Milford Yacht Club-26Milford Yacht Club-28Milford Yacht Club-29Milford Yacht Club-30Milford Yacht Club Wedding-11Milford Yacht Club-33Milford Yacht Club-44Milford Yacht Club-2Milford Yacht Club-43Milford Yacht Club-45Milford Yacht Club-34Milford Yacht Club Wedding-9Milford Yacht Club Wedding-10Milford Yacht Club-48Milford Yacht Club-50Milford Yacht Club-49


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