About Me

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So I’m Heidi I’m a….

Wife.Mom.Creator.Beach Lover.Photographer

I love my job, I get to meet couples as they are getting married and capture them when they are at the happiest moments in their life. How cool is that? Every wedding is completely different for me, because every couple is truly different. I love getting to know couples in front of the lens before I capture them behind the lens. Every couple interacts different, you never know how they are going to react when a camera is on them. I have couples that get the giggles, which I LOVE. Then I have some couples who are so shy, which is super cute too! Regardless of how you are, I can guarantee we are going to have so much fun!! A lot of times couples end up being really close friends after their wedding day. And that’s what I love the most! I also love traveling to photograph weddings and will go as far as you want me to!  Just ask!

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