Nicole & Tim Married | Amarante’s Sea Cliff Wedding New Haven

This was one wedding I was waiting for, like super excited, emotional and just could not sleep the night before! Having met them in 2019 for their engagement session I knew instantly they were going to be one of my favorite couples! Then Covid hit and we had to wait, and then reschedule, then wait and reschedule…finally they got to say I Do!!! The storm clouds, white caps and 60 mph wind gusts did not stop them from their outside ceremony!

I’m so glad the stars aligned, schedules worked and they got their dream wedding (and sunset)!! I have so many favorites from this wedding…might need a part 2!!

Congrats Tim and Nicole!!

Venue: Amarante’s Sea Cliff

Hair/Makeup: Larissa Lake

Flowers: Forget Me Not Flower Shop

Dress: Mariella Creations

Entertainment: Jock in the Box

Morgan and Sam | Winter Wedding Aqua Turf | Connecticut Weddings by Heidi Hanson Photography

Morgan and Sam said I do on a chilly December day. Their winter theme was perfect, minus the snow. But in New England you never know what you’re going to get. They braced the day and let me say the details were perfect. From the winter bouquets to the bridesmaids dresses; Morgan and Sam’s details were stunning.  Aqua Turf did not disappoint, either from the roaring fires and lit Christmas trees, the cozy feel of the day was perfect for their winter wonderland. The sweetest, nicest people you will ever meet and I was fortunate to capture their day.

Many years of love and happiness.



Aqua Turf Winter Wedding-33Aqua Turf Winter Wedding-34

Aqua Turf Winter Wedding-25
Beautiful winter bouquet

Aqua Turf Winter Wedding-32
First look

Aqua Turf Winter Wedding-30

Winter Wedding Aqua Turf-2
Intimate Moment

Winter Wedding Aqua Turf-1

Aqua Turf Winter Wedding-29

Aqua Turf Winter Wedding-27
Let’s get this party started

Aqua Turf Winter Wedding-28
Mother/Son Dance

Aqua Turf Winter Wedding-26
Best Day Ever!

Nicole & Mario Married | Private Residence, Branford, CT Photography by Heidi Hanson

I was blown away by Nicole and Mario’s shoreline wedding in Branford, CT.  These two beautiful souls had known each other since middle school, dated for a little while, went their separate ways, found themselves back together again after college and other relationships.   Their love is so evident when they look at each other.  Such a pleasure photographing these tow and their huge bridal party!



Photography by Heidi HansonShoreline Wedding Branford-62Photography by Heidi HansonPhotography by Heidi Hanson

Photography by Heidi Hanson
All eyes on the Flower Girl’s arrival

Shoreline Wedding Branford-25Shoreline Wedding Branford-36Shoreline Wedding Branford-68Shoreline Wedding Branford-69Shoreline Wedding Branford-73Shoreline Wedding Branford-74Shoreline Wedding Sunset Kiss-4



Meet Hashtag #hansonpup

So we got a puppy, a big puppy…..a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Without a ridge.  Yes they come without a ridge.  They are either born with or without a ridge.  And my son, Stryder chose one without a ridge.  He actually chose my son.  He is named Hashtag.  A name that was heavily debated in the Hanson household for several months while we waiting for Mr. Hashtag to be born and then anxiously awaited to meet him and wait again for him to be ready to come home!

So he finally came home a few weeks ago – he’s still getting acclimated, but we love him (especially when he sleeps).  He’s very cuddly and super soft!

Here are some photos from his first photoshoot……without further adieu

Here’s Hashtag

Another Epic Easter | Heidi Hanson Photography

Our family rotates holidays,  I choose Easter because it is easy, we have a big yard for the egg hunt and you can’t mess up ham.  Well yesterday went a little less smooth.  The kids were up early, like hours earlier than usual, we’re talking 5am, Berkeley busted into our room saying Trick or Treat, look what the Easter Bunny left me!

Fast forward to an hour later my husband and I furiously cleaning/vacuuming and mopping our house (because the day of a holiday is the perfect time to mop)!  The day before we couldn’t do much cleaning we had two soccer games and a 2+ hour baseball game plus I had neglected to go to the grocery store all week due to school vacation week!  I avoid the grocery store at all costs when my kids are around, it is just so much easier without them.  However, that being said it was an absolute nightmare the day before a holiday, what was I thinking!!!

Okay back on track here, so I was able to at least shower and then get dressed quickly guests were arriving around 11:30, perfect timing until I realized I hadn’t yet put the ham in the over or even calculated how long it takes to cook (aka warm up) the ham.  Oops yeah 18 pounds of ham is like 3.5+ hours, yeah so it was pretty much down hill from there.

From the kids seeing daddy and Uncle Jay ‘hiding’ the eggs and thinking there is no Easter Bunny to my oven getting to hot and locking me out of it; to my son not wanting to share any of his toys, to my son eating 5 cookies and asking for a cake pop every 5 minutes of the day, dinner being served two hours late, it was Epic alright, an epic fail!

We we at least recovered the no Easter Bunny part by saying the Easter Bunny was really tired and left the eggs in a dangerous part of our really big circle driveway and they had to be moved to the ‘safe’ part of our yard and counted so we knew how many each kid could get 😉 Oh yeah, lots of lies folks…..

Anyway, here are the few photos that I did manage to capture, I don’t think any of the kids are actually looking at the camera at the same time…..


















In my next 39 years | Heidi Hanson Wedding Photographer


Wow yep it has come and gone – my 39th birthday….this is officially my last year in 30’s.  Yesterday I was recovering from a wedding as I celebrated my 39th birthday.  It was kind of a weird day, birthdays have never really meant a lot to me, or felt like a huge special day, I guess maybe when I was younger they were awesome and I liked to make a big deal out of them.  I like making more of a big deal out of my kid’s birthday or even my husband’s than my own.  But all day long I kept singing Tim McGraw’s “My Next 30’s Years” in my head of course because out loud we sang “Let it Go” very loudly in the backyard as we were playing bocce and the girls crushed it hardcore – I’m happy to say – despite my son’s constant heckling and screaming out “Noonan” – yes that’s from Caddyshack….best Mom of the year here!

Anyhow, so the song got me to thinking of my last year in the 30‘s and how I really do need to ‘live it up’ and all these amazing things I have planned.  Also my bucket list, how many things I can get crossed off in this monumental year so here’s my song:

I think I’ll take a moment, and honor my age

The ending of an era and the turning of a page

Now it’s time to hone in on where I go from here

Everyone around better watch out for this crazy year


In this next year I’m gonna have some fun

Try to forget about all the boring things I’ve done

Maybe now I’ve done all my civic duties

And I’ll live better in my next year


This next year I’m gonna settle all the scores

Cry a little less, laugh a lot more

Embrace this world of chaos without a care in the world

Figure out just what I’m supposed to do

In my next year


Oh my next year, I’m gonna loose those last 7 pounds

Drink a few more martinis and that’s okay

Run a few more miles too because I love it

I’ll definitely remember this next year


My next year will be the craziest year of my life

Raise this kookie family and hang out with my Gage

Make chaotic memories with the ones that I love most

Make the best of this milestone year because I’m 39