Rebecca and Matthew a Lyman Orchard’s Wedding | Heidi Hanson Photography

To say that I loved Rebecca and Matthew’s wedding, would be an understatement. From the moment I walked in and Rebecca hugged me I knew it was going to be an amazing day!  These two are the cutest, sweetest and most genuinely nicest people ever. I loved every moment of their wedding day from their fun friends, to frocking in the corn maze, I hope you these images as much as I do.

Oh and did I mention, they build robots!  Check out their pie topper! Enjoy!

Lyman Orchards Wedding-1Lyman Orchards Wedding-2Lyman Orchards Wedding-4Lyman Orchards Wedding-5Lyman Orchards Wedding-7Lyman Orchards Wedding-9Lyman Orchards Wedding-8Lyman Orchards Wedding-61Lyman Orchards Wedding-38Lyman Orchards Wedding-42Lyman Orchards Wedding-18Lyman Orchards Wedding-10Lyman Orchards Wedding-12Lyman Orchards Wedding-19Lyman Orchards Wedding-21Lyman Orchards Wedding-28Lyman Orchards Wedding-36Lyman Orchards Wedding-25Lyman Orchards Wedding-27Lyman Orchards Wedding-26Lyman Orchards Wedding-48Lyman Orchards Wedding-46Lyman Orchards Wedding-43Lyman Orchards Wedding-56

Samantha & Jay Married | Pavilion at Crystal Lake | Heidi Hanson Photography

Samantha and Jay’s wedding was a blast!  I know I say that a lot, but for real, they were the funnest couple by far this year!  The raw emotion when he saw her for the first time, got to all of us.  Well I should back up, the two of them had a discussion about a first look and Jay was adamant about not wanting one, but he caved when Samantha said that was what she wanted.  So what he didn’t know was that one of his groomsmen would be wearing a dress for the first look.  Needless to say she got him good!

We wish these two a lifetime of happiness!


Hair/Makeup: Salon by Naomi

Venue: Pavilion at Crystal Lake/CT Wedding Group

Flowers: Flower by Danielle

Here’s a few of my faves!


Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-47Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-48Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-49Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-50Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-51Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-52Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-53Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-46Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-45Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-44Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-43Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-42Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-38Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-35Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-33Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-37Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-1Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-4

Nicole & Tim Engagement Session | Harkness State Park | Heidi Hanson Photography

What can I say? These two are simply adorable and killed their engagement session at Harkness State Park.  We had to cancel our session several times due to scheduling and the weather, but last week the stars aligned and well we rocked it out!

These two cuties dated throughout high school and college (separate colleges), they are destined for great things!  I cannot wait for their wedding next year.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did!



Harkness Engagement Session-61Harkness Engagement Session-58Harkness Engagement Session-37Harkness Engagement Session-31Harkness Engagement Session-42Harkness Engagement Session-28Harkness Engagement Session-25Harkness Engagement Session-19Harkness Engagement Session-7Harkness Engagement Session-8Harkness Engagement Session-9Harkness Engagement Session-10Harkness Engagement Session-13