Samantha & Jay Married | Pavilion at Crystal Lake | Heidi Hanson Photography

Samantha and Jay’s wedding was a blast!  I know I say that a lot, but for real, they were the funnest couple by far this year!  The raw emotion when he saw her for the first time, got to all of us.  Well I should back up, the two of them had a discussion about a first look and Jay was adamant about not wanting one, but he caved when Samantha said that was what she wanted.  So what he didn’t know was that one of his groomsmen would be wearing a dress for the first look.  Needless to say she got him good!

We wish these two a lifetime of happiness!


Hair/Makeup: Salon by Naomi

Venue: Pavilion at Crystal Lake/CT Wedding Group

Flowers: Flower by Danielle

Here’s a few of my faves!


Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-47Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-48Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-49Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-50Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-51Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-52Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-53Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-46Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-45Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-44Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-43Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-42Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-38Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-35Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-33Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-37Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-1Fall Pavilion at Crystal Lake Wedding-4

Tales of a Tired Photographer | Heidi Hanson Photography

I’ve been trying to figure out a name for my personal segment on my blog for quite some time now.  I went through the Crazy Chronicles, Diary of a Deranged Lady…etc. But I think Tales of a Tired Photographer is probably the best.  This segment is going to be once a week (believe me there’s enough stuff for me to post daily), but I will not bore you with my ridiculous antics on a daily basis.  

So a lot of you that have been following me, especially on Facebook, have mentioned that I should be writing a book for all the silly, crazy things that happen in my life, you know the types of things that I just can’t make up.  The things my kids say or do, that really are kind of unpredictable.  Well sadly, this blog (at least today’s is all about ME)! 

This past week I had some doozies! We have this little blue suitcase of fun things that the kids get to pick things out of after they’ve finished their homework and cleaned their rooms after school.  So last week they picked quiet time in their room with Mommy which turned into a makeover – their favorite thing to do to mommy!  Fast forward to me looking like Tammy Faye Baker and it is time to take everything off.  Well lesson learned do not put the nail polish remover next to the makeup remover.  Can we say burn much?  Wow, the removal of glitter eye shadow with nail polish remover on the eyes, don’t get me wrong, it totally works, but ow!  It freaking burns, like really bad!!

The other day as I’m running around trying to get my kids ready for school, and me ready for my morning run.  I can only find one running sneaker. Literally how does that happen?  Sometimes my dog takes shoes when guests pop over, not to eat them, but just to greet folks, it’s kind of cute, but at the time I was so annoyed.  Then I remembered that I had my son bring his laundry down to the washing machine the day before.  Sure enough I opened up the door and there it was.  So now I have one really pretty clean running shoe, which was soaking wet because I wasn’t going to have time to dry it before I ran!  

Yep so so that’s me, in a nutshell.  Stay tuned for more tales of a tired photographer. 


A Wild Wisconsin Wedding | Heidi Hanson Photography

I’ve known Becky for almost three years now and Kwong for just about the same amount of time.  I was really happy when these two were going to say I do in Wisconsin and they wanted me to photograph their big day.  And then when they asked my kids to be part of their wedding party…a little less happy – knowing we would have to make the trek to Wisconsin as a family….yep 22 hours via car!  But we did it!  In fact we spent more time in the car then actually in Wisconsin! But all kidding aside we had a blast!

These two have certainly had their ups and downs and it wasn’t quite love at first site for the bride; in fact they often joke that she is the ‘boy’ in the relationship.  You know, the one that doesn’t really make the plans, or care about the details, or get emotional attached that easily.  When Kwong proposed to her in a quaint little Vermont Inn, she didn’t even say yes…but she did accept the ring!!  We kept calling her the Runaway Bride….the running joke was that she wouldn’t say yes at the ceremony!  During the planning process, she was referred to as the Anti-Bride because she kept saying she had months and months to plan, completely forgetting those months, were flying by and ultimately it was days she had left.

To say these two are perfect for each other is a gross understatement.  They are always laughing, smiling, sharing rare illnesses and unique allergies.  Yes, in the months leading up to their nuptials there were multiple visits to the emergency room, flea attacks and many more rare instances of unusual ailments….they are truly a perfect match.  This Mid-Western girl and this Tawain/Cambodian/Malaysian/Chinese boy; this Green Bay Packer and this Jets Fan….

So we made our way halfway way across the country to this little Hodag part of the country to Rhinelander, WI (population of 7,600) to witness and photograph this union of two amazing people, two friends who truly are perfect in every way for each other.

The day went exactly as expected multiple trips to Walmart, a ceremony that started two hours late, lots of laughs, some homemade moonshine and so much dancing.  It was a perfect day…a perfect Becky and Kwong day.  Here are some of my favorite photos

Ceremony Location:  Private Residence

Reception Venue: Holiday Acres, Rhinelander, WI

Wedding Boutique: The Plumed Serpent

Wedding Gown: Anne Barge

Bridesmaid Dresses: Monique Lhullier








The gorgeous arch made from a birch tree that mom and dad cut down the night before the ceremony.
The bride and bridesmaids were escorted up to the ceremony location by a pickup truck!





And here is a Hodag!





The evening ended with Chinese wish lanterns being lit into the evening sky!










We all heard the news about Facebook buying Instagram for $1B…WOW!

Pretty cool though for a small company to be so amazingly popular that Facebook would want to buy it.  And not only can iPhone users utilize the app, it is also available for Android now.

I use Instagram every day, it is so easy and fun and it is a good way to keep your mind sharp!

I do a lot of driving every day.

I am fortunate that I live in such a beautiful part of the state and get to drive by the Saugatuck River, several reservoirs and lots of forests.  Lots of pretty things to capture instantly, and sometimes as I’m literally driving!  So I thought today I would share some of my favorite recent Instagram photos.  If you’re on Instagram be sure to follow me @heidihansonphotography

So here they are:


For those of you who know me (and now those who don’t), know that I never sleep. If I get 3 hours a night that is amazing… So I often will get up and make a list of things I need to do, things that I think might make a good blog post, a little phrase to get me through to the next day, etc.  So last night as I got up the song “My Favorite Things” popped into my head, you know the one from the Sound of Music…Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens….

So today I’m going to list a few of my favorite things (not necessarily in any order)

My daughters giggle (whether it be evil or not)

My son’s honesty (even though we pinky swear that it is a secret!)

Photography (duh, as my daughter would say, yes she is only four but very wise)

The color orange

The smell of gasoline and fresh cut grass (not necessarily together)

Massages, manicures and pedicures (who doesn’t?)

Clean sheets

Bubble baths


Pier 1 Imports and Target

Christmas (my favorite time of the year)

My doggies

My husband’s constant support

The beach, doesn’t matter which one, just give me some sand and some water

And last but not least, a photo of one of my favorite things

What are some of your favorite things?

Senior Reps Apply Now | PHphotography Specializing in Weddings, Newborn and Family Portraits

So I know it is a few days later, but here is the exciting news!!! PHphotography is ready for 2013 Seniors! I am looking for fun juniors who will be seniors in 2013 to help promote my business to their friends. I will be collecting applications until April 1st from anyone wanting to be a rep.

If you are currently a high school junior or know a high school junior who might like to be a senior rep here is the 411…..

If accepted, you will be representing PHphotography and telling your friends all about PHphotography Senior Sessions throughout your senior year. Be sure to let your junior friends know also, so they can apply for the 2014 program. For every friend you refer us to, you will receive special discounts.

In order to be a senior rep you must:
• Have lots of personality and enjoy being in front of the camera
• Be a current high school junior graduating in 2013
• Live in and attend school in Connecticut
• Be available to have one session completed before May 1, 2012
• Agree to tell your friends and classmates all about PHphotography and share your senior photos with them
• Have your parents or legal guardians sign a model release form
• Agree to represent ONLY PHphotography and use these images as your senior portraits

As part of the Senior Rep program you will receive:
• A free on-location photo session with unlimited clothing changes (can be done in one day or multiple days)
• 50 Personalized Referral cards to give to friends and classmates with your name, portraits and our business information to hand out to friends
• An album to highlight your shoot and show off to all your friends
• A digital slideshow on Facebook and our blog
• An online gallery to purchase photos

When your referrals* book a paid session and bring in your rep card, YOU will receive the following:
• 1-3 Referrals $15 credit on print order
• 4-6 Referrals $20 credit on print order
• 7-9 Referrals $30 credit on print order
• 10+ Referrals $50 credit on print order
*Referrals can include Senior Sessions, Newborn, Maternity, Family or Weddings.

All referred classmates will receive 10% off their session with a valid referral card. Interested students should submit all information by April 1st. Reps will be contacted if chosen and also announced on the Blog and Facebook.

To apply for our Senior Rep Program send an email to: