The Walking Dead | Heidi Hanson Photography

No, not the TV show, in fact I’ve never even watched The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead refers to what my husband called me as I mustered up enough energy to crawl myself out of bed, stumble down the ridiculously long hallway and stagger into the kitchen and grab some orange juice this morning after being sick for the last three days.  The Walking Dead he called me, the kids just sort of looked at me and said mommy why don’t you go back to bed daddy’s got this.  However clearly daddy didn’t get this.  With today being Halloween parade day at school and party day, there were clear definitions of what could and couldn’t be worn/done at school.  I had everything labeled ready to go, the night before. Kids and I had multiple conversations on what they were doing, wearing, carrying on the bus, etc.

Well of course no one listened.  As I barely made it back down our lengthy hallway and back into bed chugging the orange juice, apparently as a zombie, I was interrupted at least seven times with questions on what Miss B was wearing and what her costume was again.  Because she couldn’t wear her “real Halloween” costume to school (mommy’s orders) she is too much of a hot mess and I knew it was going to get chocolate or dirt or something spilled all over it and be a disgusting mess for real Halloween tonight and even if I felt 1000% I wasn’t going to wash a Halloween costume…no thanks.  Two minutes before they had to walk down to the bus, Stryder asks me if he can get his costume over his ridiculously thick sweat shirt that he is wearing, I tell him no way. So I tell him to go and get a long-sleeve shirt on. I’m not sure how these kids made it on the bus…however I give up trying to go back to bed and decide to go and take a shower because it has been a few (okay 3) days since I have taken a shower…so I guess I may have looked like this…


Which I thoroughly have to disagree with…the kids would’ve bolted out the door

But really I think I looked more like this….


Ironically though, they did leave every light on in the house and the TV on…something my husband does get quite annoyed at for me if that happens (which it NEVER does)….

Happy Halloween everyone

And so the waiting continues | Heidi Hanson Photography

I guess it is hard to be patient.  I remember my grandmother always saying patience is a virtue and never really understanding what that meant.  Well now years later it is rearing its ugly head.  For many of you that know me, I have another life outside of photography.  Since November I’ve been going through a lot of job angst.  I’ve been working in the non-profit development world for 15 years now.  While I went to school as a Political Science major wanting to change the world, hoping to some day go to law school.  I quickly realized, like most recent college grads, I needed to be realistic…and find a job.   Changing the world would have to wait, or maybe it wouldn’t…. at least through my eyes at that time, it would translate into helping others through the world of non-profits.  So I quickly fell into the world of event planning, grant writing, fundraising and program development and it was exciting.  I know exciting (insert GEEK here).   So nearly 15 years later….I find myself still loving that world, while the organizations have changed from criminal justice to consulting to mental health to addiction services to nature, I still feel that I am making a difference in the world.

So flashback to last November.  Insert new Interim Executive Director who, lets just say politely, doesn’t quite see eye-to-eye with me.  Well she tells me that I will be out of a job come the end of the year.  Shocking to me of course because it is right before the holidays; shocking because I thought I was going into a staff meeting; shocking because I was coming off such a high of running the most successful gala since being employed; shocking because well just shocking.  I remained so calm in what seemed like a 3-hour meeting (it really was literally 15 minutes long).  I listened to her tell me that they were going a different direction that they were focusing on different things and I could apply for the new position, although I probably wouldn’t be a good fit, most likely wouldn’t get hired, but quite honestly all I heard was blah, blah, blah, blah, YOU SUCK!!  I was in shock!   She was ripping my heart out of my chest  What did she know about me?  She knew me for less than two months.  She was judging me on nothing, it was all personal.  She hated me.  That is what it was all about.  I was amazed at how calm I was acting, no tears, nothing. I was so zen.  I thanked her for her honesty, took the new job description and that was that.

I grabbed my cell phone, purse and keys and headed to the parking lot.  I immediately called my husband and started telling him what had happened.  Then the zen was gone.  I was yelling, crying, every emotion you could imagine was flying out of me (luckily I wasn’t driving at this point, just sitting in my car).  He was happy.  He said good!  I’m like what?  He said this is the best thing that could’ve happened to you.  This is the push that you need to make your leap into full-time photography.

WOW.  Again, I was in shock.  I hadn’t thought of it in that way.   I was feeling so many emotions, so quickly.  It was such a crazy day.

Well, fast forward to present day, yes January.  And so the waiting begins.  I am still employed.   The Interim Executive Director has said that she was being a little presumptuous by saying she would have someone hired by the end of the year with holidays and all.  Well here it is almost the end of January and I am still waiting to find out my fate.  I feel as though I am being held hostage, I am stuck in a holding pattern just waiting to hear what is going to happen.  Just waiting to make that leap.  Just waiting to turn my dreams into a reality.  Just waiting……stay tuned

Hump Day and Frogs | Connecticut Wedding Photography by Heidi Hansn

Wednesday is traditionally called hump day, which always makes me giggle a little.

C’mon you know you are giggling too!

For me, Wednesday isn’t the hump.

As a photographer I’m traditionally working all weekend long, which I guess would make Friday my hump!

Ok stop giggling!

I’m very excited for this after weekend. I get the opportunity to photography two boudoir sessions, with two fabulously, gorgeous, amazing and fun ladies! The weather should be fabulous, for maybe sneaking in a few outdoor photos!

It has been a yucky weather week in Connecticut this week.  Lots of rain, fog and frogs!

We have a pond in our front yard, which we love.  Many frogs, tadpoles and salamanders to catch! Having two small children and several nets, it can provide hours of entertainment.  The rain really brings these guys out!

Or should I say in?

We have this joke every year at my house, that when there is the perfect rain to fog ratio (and warmer weather) frogs attack our house.

You know like in that scary horror flick when zombies attack?  But much cuter!

Typically we find them creeping up our driveway in a swarm, or piled together on our deck.  Usually they are suctioned to our sliding glass doors, or our front windows.  However, this little guy picked a different spot.

My Golden Retriever’s food bowl!  He was so still, barely moved, even when Gage tried to eat him!  Hours later, he was tucked in, eyes closed, perfectly content.  Luckily he was gone by morning, so my dog didn’t inhale him as part of his breakfast!

Crossing off one item from my list | Heidi Hanson Photography Specializing in Weddings

It feels like forever since I’ve gone out on my own, well December was a while ago, so yeah I’ll go with forever 🙂

One of my main goals was really to focus on weddings, while I do love the babies and families, weddings are really where my passion lies.  Don’t worry folks, I will still do family sessions for you 🙂

So building my brand around weddings was a huge priority.  If you’ve been following me you see that I’ve got a new logo, which I love. Simple with a little funk…( love me some funky), it is my photography style.

I love capturing the little moments that happen throughout the day, moments that the newly married couple might not see.  Moments when captured in a photograph snap you right back to that day.

This is me and my style.

So without further ado we get to the title of this post….Crossing off one thing from my list…

The new website! Yeah! So excited to introduce you to my new site. It was a stressful time, but I made it through with some awesome tech support and my husband (who thinks he did the whole site, ha ha, he didn’t) but I can still give him a few props!

It still needs a few tweaks, but I really do love it. Simple, funky…it’s me…..So enjoy! And please feel free to pass along the new site to all your friends and family.



Ugh the dreaded “B” word.

Yes this is something I should have done a while ago and was procrastinating, which is weird because I don’t generally think of myself as a procrastinator.

So one of my big hairy goals from Justin and Mary was re-branding, because I didn’t really have a ‘brand’ per se

In fact their advice was awesome, just keep a folder on your desktop and drag anything that catches your eye onto it…so I’ve gone one step further and made my own Pinterest board.  What did we ever do before Pinterest? We literally can plan entire weddings, find a cocktail recipe, ideas for birthday parties and what to make for dinner tonight on Pinterest.   Pure Genius!

I know yes I’m procrastinating, back to branding.

So orange, for as long as I can remember has been my favorite color. Literally the brighter the better.  Maybe not fluorescent, but definitely tangerine.  My high school graduation we all had to wear white (well the girls) and the boys had to wear red.  Well me being the rebel I am I had to be different….so I wore a pant suit (not a skirt like what we were supposed to), so you could see my pants below my cap and gown (oh the horror) and craziest orange shoes ever.  Oh I loved it and oh I heard crap about it from teachers, but really were they not going to let me graduate because of my shoe color??


So fast forward to college graduation, the rules were less rigid, so I went with a modest pair of fluorescent orange platforms and super, super short orange sun dress….those were the days. Loved those shoes…I think I still have them, hmmm….

Okay again procrastinating, so back to branding.

Orange, my color.

What looks great with orange?

I thought long and hard about this and research so many other places and google image searched and still found myself coming back to Pinterest.

So what looks great with orange?


OK, so now that I have the colors down I’ve been adding things to the “My Brand” board and have a decent idea of how this is all coming together.

But had I not been pushed by Justin and Mary, I can only imagine me ending up with purple and pink (ugh my two least favorite colors).  Which of course my daughter loves being a ‘girly girl.”

So orange and gray, here’s a little sneak peek….

Image Source

Stay tuned for Branding Part II.


We all heard the news about Facebook buying Instagram for $1B…WOW!

Pretty cool though for a small company to be so amazingly popular that Facebook would want to buy it.  And not only can iPhone users utilize the app, it is also available for Android now.

I use Instagram every day, it is so easy and fun and it is a good way to keep your mind sharp!

I do a lot of driving every day.

I am fortunate that I live in such a beautiful part of the state and get to drive by the Saugatuck River, several reservoirs and lots of forests.  Lots of pretty things to capture instantly, and sometimes as I’m literally driving!  So I thought today I would share some of my favorite recent Instagram photos.  If you’re on Instagram be sure to follow me @heidihansonphotography

So here they are: