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The results are in – I’m slow and look ridiculous….but at least I’m laughing sort of! Okay so if you follow me you know that a little over a month ago I competed in a Spartan race. The Spartan Sprint up in Tuxedo New York. It was no lie, one of the hardest things I have ever done – like giving birth – but harder and more tiring. It took about 90 minutes to get to the place and then I started seeing these awesome signs finally so I knew I was in the right place.












I made my way up to registration and got my swag bag, actually it was an envelope, but it had my bib number, timing chip and headband to wear the entire race. Then I made my way to the spot where they take a sharpie and mark your arm, forehead, chest or whatever body part you choose with your bib #…I chose my arm thank you…and yes there is still some remnants of it the 8045 on there! Hoping another day or two it will come off. Now at this point it’s super official, and there’s no turning back now. Of course I never was going to turn back, I was into it for the long haul.spartan10






















Next was the bag drop off point, the penalty for getting stuff out of your bag before your race once you checked it was 7 burpees…I promised I was good I didn’t need anything else out of it! These Spartan races take their burpees seriously 🙂

I made my way to the start line and started to get really nervous, but then I just tried to calm myself down and just have fun, get through it and ‘Let it Go’ channeling my inner Disney at this point…….

They call the 10:45 heat and they shove us into the chute but before we get to the starting line we have to all go over this wall (walls, ugh more to come on these later) and this is where I get my first injury, seriously, before the race even started – LOL! I smashed it on the corner of the wall while trying to hoist my leg over it – only me! I was able to shake it off and forget about it once the race started.

Basically we had to run up the ski mountain and do some obstacles then run down the ski mountain and do some obstacles and do that 6 times! Of course we worked our way across several mountains and woods, some were the actual ski slopes, but for the most part they were very off-road, steep and tedious. Now the obstacles ranged from walls – my kryptonite – literally I sucked at the walls, thank god I hooked up with the awesome Chris and Mario – they literally helped my big butt over every wall – to lifting and carrying a 65lb. ball of steel, dragging a rock through the woods, carrying a log through the woods, carrying a sandbag, a military crawl under barbed wire uphill, rope climb through mud, monkey bars, spear throwing and the elusive fire jump! I’m happy to say that I attempted all of the challenges. I did not however, complete all of the changes, and that is okay. I had a lot of help with some of the obstacles, and they actually encouraged that. They said right before we started that we could help each other out. It was really exciting to see the mile markers, what wasn’t exciting was I thought that it was a 5K, or 3.2 miles….but what I realized was that it was about 4.7 miles once I had already started!! Oooops!

The day was really hot and the hills were super dusty which translated to slippery. Then once we went into the mud obstacles, everything became super gooey, sticky and even more slippery. But I have to say once I fell off the monkey bars into the mud pit, it felt awesome, minus it going up my nose and into my ears. It really cooled me off. I did have an awesome time, and the beer after was fabulous, except after a few sips I wanted to puke! And the drive home sucked because it was just me. But now I get to call myself a Spartan and you can laugh at these awesome photos that the Official Spartan Photographers captured of me 😉




The elusive military barb crawl up the mountain – stretching my back this time – basically it’s a shot of my arm and top of my head…sexy I know 😉
This is the log carry – it was one of the easiest obstacles – log was hollow I think but we will say it was hard 🙂





So this is supposed to be the most epic of all finishes and I’m so exhausted I can’t even jump high enough to go over the fire – and yeah my foot hits one of the logs and I burn my leg…EPIC alright!
Still burning here….
That’s Chris and Marco jumping behind me they looks way better than me…
And if you look close enough you can see me laughing hysterically because I just bombed the last obstacle!!







Well, 2014 started and it is my first full week of the kids having school and me being 100% motivated to kick 2014 in the um, let’s say face! And what do you know….no house phone, no internet!  What???  Of course that happens!  I can’t even use my cell phone because those of you who know where I live, Easton…yes that’s in Connecticut!  It is in the woods, country land and there is one spot on my driveway that I have cell service, and um if you haven’t checked the weather lately, it’s was a a monsoon yesterday and today it is 6 degrees outside…so cross that spot off the list of my productivity places!

So um yea, instead I went grocery shopping, yeah favorite thing ever…NOT.  Except that I have started listening to Pandora with my earbuds to make it more enjoyable and it definitely is (especially without the kids there requesting everything or throwing things in the cart without me knowing).  Only downside is when I start belting out the chorus to some songs while picking out my yogurt – LOL

So I guess today was really an unplugged day when you think about it – literally unplugging the modem, plugging it back in, unplugging it, plugging it back in. Saying a little prayer or two hoping it would turn back on!  Never happening.  So instead of this long list of things I had hoped to accomplish – I bleached the master bath – woo hoo, did some ninja kicks on the cable wires in the basement, created something for dinner in the crockpot…who knows what that will taste like and created a really long to do list for January…….


The Walking Dead | Heidi Hanson Photography

No, not the TV show, in fact I’ve never even watched The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead refers to what my husband called me as I mustered up enough energy to crawl myself out of bed, stumble down the ridiculously long hallway and stagger into the kitchen and grab some orange juice this morning after being sick for the last three days.  The Walking Dead he called me, the kids just sort of looked at me and said mommy why don’t you go back to bed daddy’s got this.  However clearly daddy didn’t get this.  With today being Halloween parade day at school and party day, there were clear definitions of what could and couldn’t be worn/done at school.  I had everything labeled ready to go, the night before. Kids and I had multiple conversations on what they were doing, wearing, carrying on the bus, etc.

Well of course no one listened.  As I barely made it back down our lengthy hallway and back into bed chugging the orange juice, apparently as a zombie, I was interrupted at least seven times with questions on what Miss B was wearing and what her costume was again.  Because she couldn’t wear her “real Halloween” costume to school (mommy’s orders) she is too much of a hot mess and I knew it was going to get chocolate or dirt or something spilled all over it and be a disgusting mess for real Halloween tonight and even if I felt 1000% I wasn’t going to wash a Halloween costume…no thanks.  Two minutes before they had to walk down to the bus, Stryder asks me if he can get his costume over his ridiculously thick sweat shirt that he is wearing, I tell him no way. So I tell him to go and get a long-sleeve shirt on. I’m not sure how these kids made it on the bus…however I give up trying to go back to bed and decide to go and take a shower because it has been a few (okay 3) days since I have taken a shower…so I guess I may have looked like this…


Which I thoroughly have to disagree with…the kids would’ve bolted out the door

But really I think I looked more like this….


Ironically though, they did leave every light on in the house and the TV on…something my husband does get quite annoyed at for me if that happens (which it NEVER does)….

Happy Halloween everyone

4 months and 400 MILES | Heidi Hanson Photography

This weekend I drove over 400 miles and loved every mile of it.  Okay well that may be a little minor lie.  I didn’t love the traffic that the lovely George Washington Bridge gave me both outbound and inbound, but other than that it was awesome.  Weekends like this remind me so much of why I love to do what I do.  Take photos of amazing moments in people’s lives.


My first stop was a in Matawan, New Jersey.  A town I literally couldn’t pronounce and had never heard of…but it was the cutest place ever.  I met with this great couple who had just had the cutest baby ever, Sophia. Or as I like to call her a 6 week-old little squeaker.  Her little cries were squeaks.  She was so angelic, very little peeps came out of her, except for squeaks.  Mom had the best outfits chosen, and I couldn’t wait to dive in. It had been a while since I rolled my sleeves up and gotten to see and photograph a newborn.


I forget how many amazing sounds, faces, movements they make.  Their tiny toes, fingers, coos, and sounds…all so breathtaking.  Almost makes you want to have another one….ALMOST!  


Fast forward to yesterday, an engagement session for one of my fun 2014 couples. The swelter of Summer…the sweat I should say.  At the beautiful Wickham Park in Manchester, we trotted around almost all the beautiful gardens, my couple in their gorgeous clothes, and in me in my tank top and shorts, sweating as if in a sauna.  It was so hot, I really think that I was melting, but my couple looked amazing. The heat didn’t phase them, but I was so drenched it looked like I ran a marathon….And boy did it feel like it after walking most of the 250+ acre park via foot! 


Even though I was soaked and sliding on my leather car seats on the drive home, it really made me reflect (as I was stuck in the horrible summer traffic), on how far I have come in such a short time and how far I have to still go.  So here I am nearly 4 months into this full-time adventure, and where am I at you may ask?  Well I’m still loving what I’m doing, still making it work, still making daily/monthly to-do lists (and trying to stick with them) and still having FUN.  400 miles of fun…


Last Day | Heidi Hanson Photography

Last Day, wait, I should say the first day! Yes, the first day of the rest of my life! Wow that sounds so cheesy! Well it is, right? The first day of a new adventure, becoming my OWN boss, moving into full time photography (and wedding planning), and rocking it out!  Okay, yes it sounds cheesy.  But I like cheese, really I do, any kind of cheese.  Especially gouda.

So while I’m sitting at my desk, doing very little ‘work’ I’m busy thinking of all the fun things I have planned, writing down all my big ideas, hopes, dreams, wishes, anxieties (of which there are probably way too many), but I am not going to let that stop me.  For too long I have been in the con column (you know the list of pros and cons).  Not today, girlfriend!

Today, I’m rocking it, standing tall and proud at my mere 5’5″, wearing my yoga pants and favorite orange Cape Cod sweatshirt (just to piss off my anti-sweatshirt boss).  With my feet propped up on the desk, enjoying a diet coke.  I am going to enjoy my Last Day, not let anyone stand in my way of this dream that is finally coming true.  And how fitting is it that on this day in 1950, Disney released Cinderella?  Her dreams of meeting Prince Charming came true?  (okay so if you know me you know that my daughter is obsessed with princesses and barbies and them always meeting their price charming) So it only seems fitting that today is the day that my dream starts to come true!

So today, on February 15th this is my last day, I bid you adieu and I am going to leave you with this image of Jaclyn and Rich rocking it out at their wedding. One of my all-time favoritest couples, who inspire me everyday, to be better not just at photography, but at life.


jaclyn and rich married-661

Have Courage | Connecticut Wedding Photography by Heidi Hanson

Anyone that knows me knows that I go through a lot of cell phone cases for my iPhone.  It’s not that I’m clumsy but it something that happens a lot.  Or my kids make it happen a lot or my multitasking causes it..yah I’ll blame it on that 🙂

When I say a lot I’d say that I go through about 6 cases a year.  One every two months on average.  Seems about right.

Of course I can’t get the industrial strength ones, b/c I want a cute one (i.e. cute = kate spade).

Now my phone I should say is in great shape.  Because usually when the phone drops the front goes one way, the back goes another way and my phone lands back down (not face).

So as usually more morning was hectic, kids got up late, didn’t want to go to school, barely anytime for breakfast, they wanted chips, you know the usually morning.

So as I dashed out of the shower and heard my phone go off, my slippery fingers botched the phone grab and smash…all over the bathroom floor.

Of course a few obscenities were said, but for some reason I stopped and read something.  Never having seen this before.


Courage: the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty.  Wow what great timing.

Okay so I only buy kate spade (did i mention cute) and this was the first time I had ever seen the inside of the back of my case.

I’m not sure why it caught my attention today, but it did, and I’m seeing it as a sign.

So as I go through my ever increasingly difficult day (week/year, lol), I’m trying to maintain courage.  Face my difficulties and get through them as best I can.  Because I will be stronger having faced them.

So to everyone out there, HAVE COURAGE in everything you do


Crossing off one item from my list | Heidi Hanson Photography Specializing in Weddings

It feels like forever since I’ve gone out on my own, well December was a while ago, so yeah I’ll go with forever 🙂

One of my main goals was really to focus on weddings, while I do love the babies and families, weddings are really where my passion lies.  Don’t worry folks, I will still do family sessions for you 🙂

So building my brand around weddings was a huge priority.  If you’ve been following me you see that I’ve got a new logo, which I love. Simple with a little funk…( love me some funky), it is my photography style.

I love capturing the little moments that happen throughout the day, moments that the newly married couple might not see.  Moments when captured in a photograph snap you right back to that day.

This is me and my style.

So without further ado we get to the title of this post….Crossing off one thing from my list…

The new website! Yeah! So excited to introduce you to my new site. It was a stressful time, but I made it through with some awesome tech support and my husband (who thinks he did the whole site, ha ha, he didn’t) but I can still give him a few props!

It still needs a few tweaks, but I really do love it. Simple, funky…it’s me…..So enjoy! And please feel free to pass along the new site to all your friends and family.



You are beautiful. Your true beauty lies in becoming yourself ~ Anonymous

I know a lot of us don’t like the way we look, myself included, but I’m working on that 😉

Boudoir shoots are fast becoming one of my favorite things to shoot.  Boudoir photo sessions are tasteful photos that hint at sexiness. They’re fun, sexy and all while maintain your comfort level. Plus they make a great gift for that special someone, for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, Christmas or even as a deployment gift.

Typically boudoir sessions are done in the privacy of your home or in a hotel or friends house.  Sessions are usually around 2 hours and include multiple wardrobe changes.  You don’t have to be a size 0 to be sexy!  Look at Adele, she’s hot!

Boudoir sessions are also fun if you bring your friends, they also make for a great bachelorette party!  So today I wanted to announce that I’m doing a contest for a Boudoir Party!  Invite your friends to bring their sexy lingerie, hot high heels or their partner’s favorite football/baseball jersey.  Bring some bubbly and be prepared to have more fun than you thought possible!

So here’s how the contest works. You have to comment to this blog post and say why you’d like to host a boudoir party.  Winner will receive their session free!  All you have to do is invite four ladies to their party!  And if that isn’t enough the winner will also receive a mini-book from their session!  For your guests, each girl will pay $100 for the session and have the option of two outfits (more can be added for an additional fee), and a DVD of edited images from the shoot.  All photos will be placed on an online gallery for easy order (password protected of course)!

So all you have to do to win is just comment below about why you would love to host a boudoir party!  That’s it…winner will be chosen next week!  Girls it’s time to bring sexy back!!