The Walking Dead | Heidi Hanson Photography

No, not the TV show, in fact I’ve never even watched The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead refers to what my husband called me as I mustered up enough energy to crawl myself out of bed, stumble down the ridiculously long hallway and stagger into the kitchen and grab some orange juice this morning after being sick for the last three days.  The Walking Dead he called me, the kids just sort of looked at me and said mommy why don’t you go back to bed daddy’s got this.  However clearly daddy didn’t get this.  With today being Halloween parade day at school and party day, there were clear definitions of what could and couldn’t be worn/done at school.  I had everything labeled ready to go, the night before. Kids and I had multiple conversations on what they were doing, wearing, carrying on the bus, etc.

Well of course no one listened.  As I barely made it back down our lengthy hallway and back into bed chugging the orange juice, apparently as a zombie, I was interrupted at least seven times with questions on what Miss B was wearing and what her costume was again.  Because she couldn’t wear her “real Halloween” costume to school (mommy’s orders) she is too much of a hot mess and I knew it was going to get chocolate or dirt or something spilled all over it and be a disgusting mess for real Halloween tonight and even if I felt 1000% I wasn’t going to wash a Halloween costume…no thanks.  Two minutes before they had to walk down to the bus, Stryder asks me if he can get his costume over his ridiculously thick sweat shirt that he is wearing, I tell him no way. So I tell him to go and get a long-sleeve shirt on. I’m not sure how these kids made it on the bus…however I give up trying to go back to bed and decide to go and take a shower because it has been a few (okay 3) days since I have taken a shower…so I guess I may have looked like this…


Which I thoroughly have to disagree with…the kids would’ve bolted out the door

But really I think I looked more like this….


Ironically though, they did leave every light on in the house and the TV on…something my husband does get quite annoyed at for me if that happens (which it NEVER does)….

Happy Halloween everyone

D Day (decision day) Heidi Hanson Photography

So today went exactly as I expected, very little sleep, huge wind/rain storm last night, power goes out at 4AM, everyone wakes up in the house at 4AM(we all sleep with sound machines so when they go off we all wake up). Everyone falls back asleep, 7:30 everyone wakes back up, 90 minute delay for one kid, the other has no school, still no power, huge meeting at 10AM with my boss (of which I will miss) due to the delay and will have to bring my 5 year ok daughter with me! Ha that’s fun for everyone! So rush everyone to get dress, remind them not to flush (we have well water), or open the fridge, bribe then with D&D and we are off! Our street of course looks like the typical war zone after a storm of this magnitude. Only have to do a few evasive maneuvers to get by trees and downed power lines, we are all experts now, especially after Sandy! We finely reach our destination pick out juice for the kids get in line and pick out donuts and I’m able to breathe for a split second, just a split. As I feel the anxiety creeping up inside my chest. I know the meeting I will not be there in time. I try to hack into the wifi luckily D&D has a guest user, thank you! My work is closed due to no power, another interesting sign, that my boss is there who lives over an hour away. So I quickly fire off an email telling her I will be late. Finish up D&D and head back home bc my son has gym and needs sneakers and of course he’s wearing his boots. I promise I will get to my decision, but I feel I must build up to it because this is kind of what my typical morning is like, everyday.

So again evasive maneuvers on the way back home, pass by a UI truck, do a little dance in my seat while sipping on my Dark Hot Chocolate, which is really tasty, props on that D&D! Grab the sneakers and then another evasive maneuver, new neighbors lost huge pine tree into the road. My other neighbor is out there sizing it up and assures me I can make it! Quick drop off at school and then head to work. Only got stuck behind one school bus, not bad!

Okay to the decision part. Well for those of you who have been following me, you know that since September my boss and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye. I was told in November my job had been eliminated, and it would be the end the year. Well fast forward to today yep 1/31/13 and I’m still employed. So in our big meeting, she tells me that while I don’t have the skills for the ‘new’ job nor does she think I’m invested enough for the new job; she also hasn’t been able to find a viable candidate to replace me either; shed like me to consider becoming the Acting blah blah blah/ whatever title it is.

Wow, I feel so honored! Thanks!!! (Insert sarcasm) So I told her I needed the weekend to think about it and is let her know, I bet you can’t wait to hear what my decision will be!

Stay tuned…..