Laura and Shane Married | Revolution Hall Troy New York Wedding by Heidi Hanson Photography

I knew as soon as I met Laura and Shane that their day was gonna be hella fun! Troy, New York is just an adorable town and we had so much fun exploring during their pre-ceremony photos. Their venue Browns Brewing Revolution Hall was gorgeous! Previously an old concert hall, it made for the perfect backdrop for their ceremony and reception. The dance floor was packed all night! Here are some of my favorites!

Erica and Peter Married | A Tiny House Resort Wedding by Heidi Hanson Photography

Erica and Peter’s wedding was at the cutest spot I’d ever seen. A Tiny House Resort, a whole resort dedicated to Tiny Houses. It was a soggy October day….Let’s just say if rain on your wedding day is good luck, then they are going to have lifetimes of luck! It poured buckets during their first look, ceremony and reception! The weather did not cooperate for this all outdoor wedding, but they did not let it dampen their spirits. They had smiles on their faces the entire day.

Here are some of my favorites from their day! Starting off with the cutest “Tiny” invitation we’ve ever seen.

Tyler and Kristen | Great River Golf Club Wedding by Heidi Hanson Photography

Tyler and Kristen’s day was HOT! But beautiful! We loved working with the two of them and their amazing bridal party. It was so hot that Tyler nearly fainted at the altar, but lucky a groomsman grabbed him a bottle of water and he kneeled down for most of the ceremony. Crisis averted, but it made for some fun photos! Their reception was held at Great River Golf Club in Milford which is stunning!

Here are some of our favorites from their big day. ENJOY!

Nicole & Tim Engagement Session | Harkness State Park | Heidi Hanson Photography

What can I say? These two are simply adorable and killed their engagement session at Harkness State Park.  We had to cancel our session several times due to scheduling and the weather, but last week the stars aligned and well we rocked it out!

These two cuties dated throughout high school and college (separate colleges), they are destined for great things!  I cannot wait for their wedding next year.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did!



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Another Epic Easter | Heidi Hanson Photography

Our family rotates holidays,  I choose Easter because it is easy, we have a big yard for the egg hunt and you can’t mess up ham.  Well yesterday went a little less smooth.  The kids were up early, like hours earlier than usual, we’re talking 5am, Berkeley busted into our room saying Trick or Treat, look what the Easter Bunny left me!

Fast forward to an hour later my husband and I furiously cleaning/vacuuming and mopping our house (because the day of a holiday is the perfect time to mop)!  The day before we couldn’t do much cleaning we had two soccer games and a 2+ hour baseball game plus I had neglected to go to the grocery store all week due to school vacation week!  I avoid the grocery store at all costs when my kids are around, it is just so much easier without them.  However, that being said it was an absolute nightmare the day before a holiday, what was I thinking!!!

Okay back on track here, so I was able to at least shower and then get dressed quickly guests were arriving around 11:30, perfect timing until I realized I hadn’t yet put the ham in the over or even calculated how long it takes to cook (aka warm up) the ham.  Oops yeah 18 pounds of ham is like 3.5+ hours, yeah so it was pretty much down hill from there.

From the kids seeing daddy and Uncle Jay ‘hiding’ the eggs and thinking there is no Easter Bunny to my oven getting to hot and locking me out of it; to my son not wanting to share any of his toys, to my son eating 5 cookies and asking for a cake pop every 5 minutes of the day, dinner being served two hours late, it was Epic alright, an epic fail!

We we at least recovered the no Easter Bunny part by saying the Easter Bunny was really tired and left the eggs in a dangerous part of our really big circle driveway and they had to be moved to the ‘safe’ part of our yard and counted so we knew how many each kid could get 😉 Oh yeah, lots of lies folks…..

Anyway, here are the few photos that I did manage to capture, I don’t think any of the kids are actually looking at the camera at the same time…..


















In my next 39 years | Heidi Hanson Wedding Photographer


Wow yep it has come and gone – my 39th birthday….this is officially my last year in 30’s.  Yesterday I was recovering from a wedding as I celebrated my 39th birthday.  It was kind of a weird day, birthdays have never really meant a lot to me, or felt like a huge special day, I guess maybe when I was younger they were awesome and I liked to make a big deal out of them.  I like making more of a big deal out of my kid’s birthday or even my husband’s than my own.  But all day long I kept singing Tim McGraw’s “My Next 30’s Years” in my head of course because out loud we sang “Let it Go” very loudly in the backyard as we were playing bocce and the girls crushed it hardcore – I’m happy to say – despite my son’s constant heckling and screaming out “Noonan” – yes that’s from Caddyshack….best Mom of the year here!

Anyhow, so the song got me to thinking of my last year in the 30‘s and how I really do need to ‘live it up’ and all these amazing things I have planned.  Also my bucket list, how many things I can get crossed off in this monumental year so here’s my song:

I think I’ll take a moment, and honor my age

The ending of an era and the turning of a page

Now it’s time to hone in on where I go from here

Everyone around better watch out for this crazy year


In this next year I’m gonna have some fun

Try to forget about all the boring things I’ve done

Maybe now I’ve done all my civic duties

And I’ll live better in my next year


This next year I’m gonna settle all the scores

Cry a little less, laugh a lot more

Embrace this world of chaos without a care in the world

Figure out just what I’m supposed to do

In my next year


Oh my next year, I’m gonna loose those last 7 pounds

Drink a few more martinis and that’s okay

Run a few more miles too because I love it

I’ll definitely remember this next year


My next year will be the craziest year of my life

Raise this kookie family and hang out with my Gage

Make chaotic memories with the ones that I love most

Make the best of this milestone year because I’m 39



Tales of a Tired Photographer | Heidi Hanson Photography

I’ve been trying to figure out a name for my personal segment on my blog for quite some time now.  I went through the Crazy Chronicles, Diary of a Deranged Lady…etc. But I think Tales of a Tired Photographer is probably the best.  This segment is going to be once a week (believe me there’s enough stuff for me to post daily), but I will not bore you with my ridiculous antics on a daily basis.  

So a lot of you that have been following me, especially on Facebook, have mentioned that I should be writing a book for all the silly, crazy things that happen in my life, you know the types of things that I just can’t make up.  The things my kids say or do, that really are kind of unpredictable.  Well sadly, this blog (at least today’s is all about ME)! 

This past week I had some doozies! We have this little blue suitcase of fun things that the kids get to pick things out of after they’ve finished their homework and cleaned their rooms after school.  So last week they picked quiet time in their room with Mommy which turned into a makeover – their favorite thing to do to mommy!  Fast forward to me looking like Tammy Faye Baker and it is time to take everything off.  Well lesson learned do not put the nail polish remover next to the makeup remover.  Can we say burn much?  Wow, the removal of glitter eye shadow with nail polish remover on the eyes, don’t get me wrong, it totally works, but ow!  It freaking burns, like really bad!!

The other day as I’m running around trying to get my kids ready for school, and me ready for my morning run.  I can only find one running sneaker. Literally how does that happen?  Sometimes my dog takes shoes when guests pop over, not to eat them, but just to greet folks, it’s kind of cute, but at the time I was so annoyed.  Then I remembered that I had my son bring his laundry down to the washing machine the day before.  Sure enough I opened up the door and there it was.  So now I have one really pretty clean running shoe, which was soaking wet because I wasn’t going to have time to dry it before I ran!  

Yep so so that’s me, in a nutshell.  Stay tuned for more tales of a tired photographer.